Genius Hour Baking

Friday we had genius hour and I was in a cooking contest. There were two teams. Team one made cupcakes with cookie dough in them. Team 2 made brownies. The judges liked team one better, but I think my team should have won.

Skype With Mr. Davis

February 8 we Skyped with Mr. Davis and we talked about presidents. It was fun because he told us all about the books he wrote. We asked him about electoral college votes and what they were. We also asked him different kinds of questions.

Some of the questions were “Who was your favorite president? What do you think of the electoral college votes? & Who is your favorite candidate?” These were only a couple of questions that we asked him.

Barn Quilt

These past 2 weeks the seventh and eighth graders have been working on a barn quilt. This will be for our school’s Gala. Things like barn quilts and all different kinds of stuff will be donated for the Gala which is an auction for the school.

The wood we’re using is three quarter inch green treated plywood.

Steps for making a barn quilt are:

1.Pick a design, choose colors,then name it.

2. Sand it to make it smooth.

3.Primed it.

4.(Optional) put black outline around the plywood.

5. Then draw the design on it.

6.Put tape where the lines were so it wouldn’t go into the our spots.

7.Then you paint it.

Our team has been working very hard to make as good as we can.


Here is our final project.


Freelance Friday

Today on freelance Friday I am writing about the novels that we wrote in November on Nanowrimo. On Nanowrimo I wrote a story called Thunder and Lightning. It is about a guy who works at McDonald’s. His family gets a dog from the pound and he bites Bob who gets superpowers.  they go on a family vacation bob has to try to save Disney World.


Tomorrow we will have a auction in our class. We get points for coming to class. Then we get to spend them on stuff that the teacher gets for us. It is fun because we get stuff and we don’t have class for that period.

Some of the stuff we can get is…

-different kinds of pop


-sometimes there notebooks

– lots of different kinds of candy

– chips

– and lots of other stuff


5 ways to play ball

When you get bored, grab a ball and try these activities to lighten your day up.

You can kick it. Grab some friends and play a game of kickball or soccer.

You can bounce it. How about a game of four corners?

You can hit it. Everyone dreams of hitting a homerun.

You can throw it. A favorite pasttime is tossing around a football.

You can shoot it. How about a quick game of basketball?